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Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.70 is a major update over all previous versions of the tool. In this update, we've added support for the TAR images that are saved as the result of physical acquisition performed with Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit and other forensic tools such as GrayKey. In addition to viewing TAR images, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.70 adds an aggregated view for location data extracted from multiple sources.

Viewing iOS Forensic Toolkit TAR Files

Since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple's first 64-bit iPhone, physical acquisition has never been the same. For all iPhone and iPad devices equipped with Apple's 64-bit processors, physical acquisition is exclusively available via file system imaging. The imaging is performed on the device itself in order to bypass full-disk encryption. Regardless of the tool performing physical acquisition, the result of these efforts is always a TAR archive containing an image of the device's file system. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit produces TAR files as the result of the "T" (Tarball) command.

Up until now, most tools available for analysing information inside these TAR images were integral parts of fully-featured forensic toolkits. Your options would be limited to either time-consuming and labour-intensive manual analysis requiring a high level of expertise, or a highly sophisticated and complex forensic suite, with nothing in between. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.70 offers the lightweight and convenient third option, enabling fast and easy analysis of evidence found in the results of physical acquisition.

Aggregated Location Data

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.70 brings location analysis to a whole new level, adding a new aggregated view to help experts analyse the user's location history based on evidence extracted from multiple sources. The current release extracts and aggregates location information from all of the following sources:

  • Frequent/significant locations

  • Locations cache (3G/LTE/Wi-Fi connections)

  • Apple Maps

  • Google Maps

  • EXIF in media files

  • Calendar events

  • The UBER app

By accessing location data gathered from such a wide range of sources, experts are no longer limited to evidence collected from just the location logs. Some sources are only available with physical extraction (TAR files), and some data may be limited when analyzing backups. The number of supported sources of location data will be growing in future releases of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer.

Get more information on Elcomsoft Phone Viewer and download free trial version at

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If you have a multilingual website or program, you may have been in a situation where you needed to quickly translate three lines of text into a dozen languages and do so with top quality: You might have wanted to tell your users about changes in a new version of your software, announce some good news to subscribers or site visitors, or make small edits in resource strings or the UI.

The adaptation of a website or program for foreign audiences has always been a major headache for developers. After all, such a task is far from trivial.

Every translation task should be approached professionally with attention to cultural differences, religious customs, differences in mentalities and other factors. First and foremost, it applies to advertisements and marketing texts, and, to a lesser degree, to technical ones.

Serious translation agencies employ the translator-editor-corrector process, which results in top quality. However, the price can be high. On the other hand, you won't engage a large organization for the translation of a tiny piece of text. That would be overkill. Few agencies would agree to do it, but even if one did, the price would be steep.

Neither is it a good idea to take Cheapskate Alley, because you'll risk losing more than you save. A cheap translation reads like the manual for a cheap Chinese phone, so it won't do your product any good. Native speakers will scoff at inappropriately used idioms or an excessively bookish style.

It seems there's just one option, which is to use native speakers for translations.

In essence, it all boils down to finding 15 translators and convincing them to help you with one or two sentences. These people should be reliable and know the subject matter. Otherwise, you may see something like "stealing techniques" instead of "steeling techniques."

So, how do you quickly find an English, French, German, Italian, Japanese translator plus ten other "Greeks"?

This immensely complex task can be solved in a few minutes. A half an hour later, you'll have 15 high-quality translations by native speakers. Doesn't that sound intriguing?

Meet Nitro, the service for the professional translation of short texts by native speakers.

Nitro was created to help people quickly translate a couple of paragraphs of text, which, in our case, is just what the doctor ordered. Text is translated very quickly, often within minutes. There is no limitation as to minimum text, so you're free to submit a single string or sentence. You can even translate a single word! There's no other service quite like Nitro.

The system currently supports 70 languages. Each of your translations will be to-the-point, accurate and grammatically correct.

Nitro uses the crowd-sourcing concept. Each translation pair is associated with a group of tried-and-tested translators encompassing more than 300 experts in their native countries, on different continents and in different time zones. So, orders are accepted around the clock, even at night. The first available translator will pick up your text right away.

The service is very easy to use. Simply sign up, enter the original text in the corresponding area and wait for the order to be completed. Soon you'll get the translation in English, French, Chinese or another requested language in your account or mailbox. If necessary, you can provide comments for the translator in a separate field before submitting your order.

We use the pay-per-word system, and translation fees are charged to your account. Your account balance can be refilled via bank wire, with a bank card or an electronic payment system such as Webmoney, Yandex.Money or PayPal.

Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies today. Localize your software and websites with the help of our professional, native-speaking translators.

Get started today! Place your first order in Nitro, the professional--and live--online translation service!
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Many of us use our computers for things like online shopping and banking, as well as for a multitude of other activities that involve the storage and transmission of sensitive data. In fact, most computers hold a raft of confidential information ranging from login and payment details to private photos and other files. What most people don't realize is that simply deleting such files from the Recycle Bin or formatting the drive doesn't permanently remove them from the disk. In fact, all the original data will remain hidden on the drive until another operation overwrites it. With some storage devices, the original data needs to be overwritten multiple times to ensure that it will never be recoverable. Otherwise, with the right software at their disposal, someone might be able to recover deleted data from your drive, which could spell disaster if you're planning to sell or donate your computer.

How Does Hard Drive Sanitation Work with [email protected] KillDisk?

It's simply not practical or even safe to rely on the recycle bin or formatting alone, and neither can you rely on securely deleting a single file. That's because multiple pieces of the file may be stored in different physical locations on the disk as such that it becomes fragmented. You can, of course defragment the drive before securely deleting specific content, but it's not a particularly reliable method. Furthermore, if you're using a solid-state drive, defragmenting it can shorten its lifespan, and it serves no purpose when it comes to improving performance, unlike with a mechanical hard drive. That's why the most effective way to securely erase data is to securely wipe the entire hard drive using an industry-leading data sanitation solution like [email protected] KillDisk. This software works by overwriting every editable sector of the drive with zeros, using multiple passes to guarantee that the original data will never be recoverable.

The result of many years of research and development, [email protected] KillDisk is a product from LSoft Technologies, one of the world's leading developers of disk utilities, including both data recovery and disk sanitation software. As such, it is especially effective at securely wiping data. The latest edition, version 11.1, was released in May 2018, and sports many improvements that make it easier to use and more reliable than ever before. It now provides improved handling of certificates and reports, which you can use to verify that a drive has undergone the proper process of disk sanitation as per industry-recognized standards. The included Boot Disk tool, which provides a self-contained operating environment, has also been updated with many tweaks to the user interface. Based on the familiar Windows 10 environment, it offers extensive customization and more.

[email protected] KillDisk is also ready for industrial use thanks to its new licensing policy, which allows you to erase multiple drives in parallel. This means that customers can enjoy practically unlimited scalability without having to rely on multiple tools and upgrades whenever they run into increasing workload demands. If you're ready to get started with the latest version or test out the free trial edition, pay a visit to today.

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Many of us have experienced that dreaded feeling of being unable to start up the computer and then wondering whether all the files on the hard disk have disappeared as well. Whether you've fallen victim to a malicious software attack, your hardware has failed, or just plain old human error is to blame, you might assume that your only option left is to format the drive and start over or, if necessary, replace any component parts. Another option is to use your original operating system DVD or other media or a startup disk, but these are rarely effective. Furthermore, starting from scratch means losing everything on the drive, at least if you're planning to reinstall the operating system. Fortunately, there is another option before you start thinking about taking your computer in to a technician.

Start Up Your Computer with an Independent Operating Environment

[email protected] Boot Disk works because it doesn't rely on your operating system like most software. Instead, it comes in the form of a bootable disk with its own self-contained operating environment that works independently of your hard drive. As such, it allows you to start up a computer that otherwise won't boot or even has no operating system installed. In fact, you can also use it even if you don't have a hard disk installed in the machine. Based on the Windows 10 build 1709 environment, you'll be greeted with an instantly familiar interface complete with extensive customization options, including the ability to configure desktop shortcuts for custom tools and create your own user menus. Your preferences can be saved to a USB drive and restored whenever you boot up, no matter which system you're using.

Access All the Latest Disk Utilities from LSoft Technologies

Whether your goal is to recover data from a damaged or formatted hard drive or to securely erase data so that it can never be recovered, this suite of powerful tools has you covered. You can recover and reorganize partitions, back up your data, recover individual files, change and access passwords and even make full byte-by-byte images of your entire hard drive or other storage media. [email protected] Boot Disk includes the latest versions of Disk Image, UNDELETE, File Recovery, Partition Recovery and Password Changer. All tools are easy to use and provide advanced features for expert users as well. In addition to the robust lineup of disk utility tools, it ships with various everyday applications, including a calculator, notepad, image viewer, document viewer, task manager, registry editor and partition manager. There are also internet utilities, such as a web browser, and various networking utilities allowing you to configure your network.

How to Recover or Securely Delete Data

Many people don't realize that conventional methods of deleting data, such as by formatting a drive or emptying the recycle bin, don't delete anything. All these operations do is alter the master file table, which is effectively a database containing the locations and information about different files and folders. Nothing gets deleted until it is overwritten, and sometimes data even needs to be overwritten multiple times to ensure it will never be recoverable. If you want to recover deleted data, the included UNDELETE, File Recovery and Partition Recovery can exploit this opportunity to help you get back what you've lost. On the other hand, if you want to ensure that data will never be recovered, you can use the included KillDisk utility to sanitize the entire drive.

If you're looking for a complete set of disk utility tools, visit today.

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Most of us have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when we've emptied the recycle bin or formatted a disk only to realize once it's already too late that something important got deleted. In fact, accidental data deletion is one of the most common IT support issues that businesses and individuals have. Even if it's not accidental, malicious software and hackers continue to wreak havoc on both business and personal devices to the extent that everyone needs to prioritize backup. Furthermore, you can't afford to take things like firewalls and antivirus software for granted. Also, hard drives, particularly solid-state drives with their limited number of read/write cycles, can fail at any moment without notice, especially if they've had a lot of use. These are just a few reasons why you always need a robust backup solution as your last line of defense. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail!

How Disk Imaging Software Helps Keep Your Data Safe

Backing up your precious files isn't simply a matter of copying over the contents of your documents folder onto a flash drive. In most cases, there will be important files and folders stored in other locations. The question is, do you know what files need to be kept safe? Chances are, not everything will be accessible from the documents folder alone. There's also programs, software licenses and a whole raft of other content that you probably won't want to lose. Disk imaging software ensures that you never forget a thing, since it automatically creates a complete, byte-by-byte image of all the data stored on any storage device. Although the backup might end up taking up significantly more space, that shouldn't present a problem given that modern drives have more capacity than many of us could ever use.

How Does Disk Imaging Software Work?

[email protected] Disk Image presents the ultimate data backup tool by copying every single one and zero on a storage device and making a byte-by-byte copy of all your data. Whether you're a home or business user, it's an excellent tool for making local backups of workstation computers and other devices. It works with solid-state drives, mechanical hard drives, external drives and even optical drives. To keep your backups as compact as possible, which is especially important if you plan to store them in the cloud, it allows you to choose a high compression level. Alternatively, if performance is your priority, you can choose low compression or avoid using compression at all. Furthermore, the software allows you to create disk images that only include occupied disk sectors - after all, there's not usually any point in backing up blank sectors. Nonetheless, if you prefer, [email protected] Disk Image also lets you create RAW disk images, which are identical in size to the original disk.

[email protected] Disk Image provides a wealth of other useful features, including full disk image encryption, automatic task scheduling and integrated support for Windows Storage Spaces. The latest version also improves GPT handling, offers faster compression and support for the latest version of ReFS. Find out more at

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[email protected] Data Studio is a complete set of disk utilities for managing your hard drives and other storage devices. Providing you with everything you need to diagnose common problems, securely erase data, recover lost data and keep your files backed up, it functions as a fully self-contained operating environment. If you're stuck with a computer that won't boot, or you need to perform low-level tasks like data forensics or disk sanitation, this software suite provides everything you need. Since it works separately from anything installed on your computer, you can use it without any operating system installed, which also makes it invaluable for recovering lost or deleted system partitions or recovering from a severe malware attack or data breach. If you're trying to recover data, the self-contained operating environment also ensures that the original data won't be overwritten by the program.

Data Recovery Made Easy

Sometimes, you empty the recycle bin, delete a partition or format a storage device only to find out seconds too late that there was something important within. It's happened to most of us but, contrary to popular belief, the situation probably isn't nearly as serious as you might think. That's because, for some time after accidental deletion, data is actually fully recoverable. That's because the files remain hidden on the drive until something else overwrites them. Since the disk space is marked as available, that can happen at any time. However, the tools included with [email protected] Data Studio exploit this opportunity by searching for recoverable files and, in most cases, allowing you to retrieve them intact, particularly if you act quickly.

Protect Your Data with Secure Data Erasure

While it comes as a surprise to many that it's possible to recover deleted data, the consequence of this is also the fact that anyone else can obtain access to your deleted data on formatted partitions. If you're selling or donating your computer, that might present a serious security problem, particularly if your device contains sensitive information as most do. The tools provided with [email protected] Data Studio also allow you to securely erase data so that it will never be recovered simply by overwriting it in multiple passes to destroy the original data. Other security tools includes are the password-changing utility and a low-level disk editor that allows you to manually edit individual sectors on the disk.

Backup and Restore Included

As the ultimate set of disk utilities, [email protected] Data Studio also includes tools for automatically backing up and restoring your files by creating complete disk images that ensure nothing gets forgotten about. There's simply no better way to back up the entire contents of your computer, including all your documents, programs and even the operating system itself. Other tools for backup, diagnosis and troubleshooting include a BCD editor, boot disk creator and disk-monitoring tool. The latest version ships with all the most recent versions of Disk Image, File Recovery, Undelete, Partition Recovery and Password Changer. Furthermore, the boot disk has been upgraded to the latest version of WinPE to provide the most recent utilities and everyday apps, including a notepad, calculator, web browser and document viewer. Learn more at

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Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.40 adds the ability to access WhatsApp Business conversation histories from rooted Android handsets and Google Drive backups. For cloud acquisition from Google Drive, access to the user's Google Account and their verified phone number (SIM card) is required to obtain the encryption key and decrypt the backup. Physical extraction requires a rooted Android device running any version of Android from Android 4.0 through 8.1.

In addition, the new release supports the new Google Drive authentication method implemented by WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp enables access to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business Google Drive backups without requiring to enter the phone number.

Exclusively available to Android users, WhatsApp Business is a new app offering a number of features aimed at small business owners. The free Android app allows businesses interact with their customers by using a number of automation tools to quickly find and respond to messages. At this time, WhatsApp Business has more than 10 million installations according to Google Play Store statistics.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.40 can now extract information from the new WhatsApp Business app in addition to regular WhatsApp. Two acquisition methods are supported: physical extraction from rooted Android devices as well as cloud extraction from Google Drive. Extracting from Google Drive requires Google Account credentials (login and password, as well as access to the secondary authentication factor, if 2FA is enabled). In addition, the cloud extraction tool registers itself as a new WhatsApp recipient, requiring access to the user's registered SIM card or phone number.

At this time, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.40 supports the following WhatsApp Business acquisition methods:

  • Downloading and decrypting WhatsApp Business backups from Google Drive

  • Extracting WhatsApp Business databases from a rooted Android device (all versions of Android that support WhatsApp Business; root access required)

Find more information about Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp and download free trial version at

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Apple has a wonderfully integrated ecosystem. It conveniently synchronizes information such as passwords, Web browsing history, contacts and call logs across all of the user's devices. This mechanism uses iCloud to sync and store information. It works independently from iOS system backups that are also stored in iCloud or iCloud Drive. As opposed to daily iCloud backups, synced data is updated and propagated across devices in almost real time. Extracting this data can be invaluable for investigations as it provides access to the most up to date information about the user, their activities and whereabouts.

What exactly is synced through iCloud?

- Photos (iCloud Photo Library)

- Mail (iCloud mail only)

- Contacts, Calendars, Reminders

- Safari (browsing history, bookmarks, tabs open on other devices)

- Game Center (profiles, achievements, game progress)

- Siri (requests, settings)

- Keychain (iCloud Keychain stores passwords and forms from Safari, iOS system, Apple, some third-party apps, but not Google Chrome)

- iCloud backups (up to last 3 copies per device, created daily while charging)

- iBooks, Pages, Numbers, Keynote

- Maps

- Wallet

- Wi-Fi

While this data is or can be synced with iCloud, there is really no way to view, download or otherwise access most of that data other than by syncing it to an Apple device. This is why we made Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. With time, we were adding support for more and more categories. iCloud Keychain was particularly tricky as it features an advanced protection mechanism; we were able to work around it just months ago. iCloud Photo Library was another highlight. We discovered that Apple didn't actually remove photos users deleted from their library. We were also the first to extract call logs, which, despite the lack of a dedicated option in iCloud settings, are still synced with other device with no obvious way to disable the (quite controversial, according to many users) feature.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.20 adds the following categories to the list of extractable ones:

- Account/User info

- Wi-Fi

- Apple Maps

- Wallet (except credit card data)

- iBooks

What's so interesting about the newly added categories? In many cases, there's more to them than meets the eye.

Account/User info includes comprehensive information about the owner of the Apple Account including their phone numbers and street address. In addition, here you'll find the list of the user's devices including their serial numbers and OS versions. As a bonus, you'll often find information about devices that used to be registered on the user's account (but not anymore).

iBooks: why would you want to read somebody else's books? The thing is, it's not about the books at all. The new category includes documents that were opened or manually added by the user. Since iBooks can handle PDF files, many iOS users won't bother installing a third-party PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat. By downloading the "iBooks" category, you can gain access to PDF files, e-books and documents the user opened with the iBooks app.

Wi-Fi information includes wireless access point names and MAC addresses. This data cannot be removed from the device without doing a hard reset. By tracing down the location of those MAC addresses, it becomes possible to determine the user's whereabouts at the time the access point was added.

Wallet may contain a lot of essential evidence including air tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals with full information, boarding passes, bonus programs, club cards, movie and railway tickets, and so on and so forth.

Last but not least, Apple Maps is probably the most undervalued category. It's common belief that Google is the evil one, collecting excessive information about the user and tracking their every step, while Apple is privacy-minded and does't track its customers. Well, think again: Apple Maps deliver just as much data about the iPhone user as would be available for an Android user in their Google Account. While Google allows its users to see exactly what the company knows about them and fully or selectively delete any of that data, Apple keeps things in secret. Want to access your location history? Google users can navigate to their Timeline and instantly see what Google knows about their location. iPhone users don't have such luxury. The only way to access historic geolocation data would be using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and download "Apple Maps", then viewing the data in Elcomsoft Phone Viewer. Routes, places, favorites and searches are available.

This time, we didn't "break" or "hack" anything. You still need the user's iCloud/Apple ID authentication credentials to access iCloud data, be it the login/password or an authentication token extracted from the user's computer.
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In line with vision to constantly improve our tools for extending .NET applications and deliver these improvements to our customers via continuous stream
of updates, we have just released Extensbility Studio 3.0. I'd like to outline the major changes in this release.

Installation improvements

Starting with 3.0 all major releases of Extensibility Studio support side-by-side installations, allowing two versions such as 3.0 and 2.0 to co-exist
on the same computer. This means that you can have two (or more) sets of core libraries and tools, demo projects, Visual Studio extensions and control
tabs in Visual Studio Toolbox.

For this feature to work, we have to use versioned assembly names such as Alternet.Common.v3.dll as opposed to "generic" names such as Alternet.Common.dll.
Otherwise Visual Studio will not be able to resolve project references to these assembly names correctly and to display their content on the Visual
Studio Toolbox at design-time. 

Please note that side-by-side installation will not be supported for minor updates and service packs, which will have the same versioned assembly names.
Instead Upgrade installation mode will be supported for minor releases.

To facilitate migrating your projects from one version to another we have added a Project Converter tool that updates references
in project files as well as information in .licx and .xaml files so these projects can be compiled with the new version of Extensibility Studio.

Extensibility Studio installation user interface has been updated to reflect on AlterNET Software branding and to work better on high-resolution screens.
It also allows to specify folders where core assemblies and demo projects are installed and to activate your license at the end of the installation.

Furthermore, Extensibility Studio installation now supports Modify and Repair modes and Upgrade mode for minor releases.

Code Editor improvements

We have reworked the syntax highlighting and code completion engine for Roslyn-based C# and Visual Basic parsers: instead of our own implementation these
features now rely on Microsoft Roslyn internal classification and code completion services, so they work the same way as in Visual Studio Code Editor.
Some of these services are implemented in additional libraries: Microsoft.CodeAnalisys.Features.dll, Microsoft.CodeAnalisys.Features.CSharp.dll and
Microsoft.CodeAnalisys.Features.VisualBasic.dll These assemblies will need to be added to your project for Code Completion feature to work correctly.

To make it easier we have published Alternet.ExtensibilityStudio.RoslynDependencies NuGet package on
This package includes all assemblies required for Roslyn-based parsers to work. You can install this package to your project using Package Manager
Console command: Install-Package Alternet.ExtensibilityStudio.RoslynDependencies or through Tools->NuGet Package Manager->Manage NuGet Packages
for Solution.

We have also optimized Microsoft Roslyn-based parsing by passing incremental changes as user types in the editor to the parser, allowing underlying
code analysis engine to work more efficiently.

Script Debugger improvements

We have reworked our expression evaluation engine, which now displays results in more readable form: it separates private and static fields from the public
ones. It also displays elements of IList/IEnumeration and allows to cancel expression evaluation if it takes too long time to complete.

Please refer to the complete list of changes here:

Read more about Extensibility Studio here:

AlterNET Software

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When your computer runs into a problem that leaves you unable to boot up into the operating system, your options for recovering data or repairing the machine are limited. While you may sometimes be able to boot up from a special boot disk or recover data by transferring the hard drive to another machine, these methods are not always practical. That's why there is no better way to repair and maintain your computer than by using a fully self-contained operating environment that works independently of the operating system. That's exactly where [email protected] LiveCD 5 comes in, but it also does a great deal more than just provide data recovery features. As a standalone operating system that can be booted up directly from an optical drive or external USB storage device, it offers functionality on a level that you probably never expected.

Manage and Recover Your Data and Partitions with Ease

[email protected] LiveCD 5 uses all the latest graphical utilities from KDE 5, one of the most popular Linux interface distributions. Thanks to the fully graphical user interface, there's no need to make do with simple commands as used to be the case when working with systems like DOS. Instead, you can enjoy using your computer as normal with a familiar and user-friendly operating environment. This makes recovering data and diagnosing problems a great deal easier.

The latest version of the popular software suite also comes with [email protected] UNDELETE 12 and [email protected] Partition Recovery 16. With [email protected] UNDELETE, you can recover deleted data that has been removed from the Recycle Bin. This works due to the fact that the data does not actually disappear from the drive until something else overwrites the original content. Furthermore, it is much safer to do this from a self-contained boot environment, even if your everyday operating system is working perfectly. That's because it won't be necessary to make any changes to the system hard drive, which may overwrite the original data. Similarly, [email protected] Partition Recovery provides the facility to recover and manage entire hard drive partitions safely. Another useful feature is the included [email protected] Password Recovery 16, which allows you to recover forgotten passwords and reset access to your computer.

Perhaps, however, your goal is to protect your data by deleting it as such that no one will ever be able to get it back. This is especially important if you are planning to sell, donate or dispose of your old computer or hard drive. To ensure that no data stored within will ever be recoverable, you can use the included [email protected] KillDisk 11 to overwrite the entire disk multiple times with zeros. This zero-filling method will sanitize the disk thoroughly as per industry and government security standards. This is also preferable to physical destruction, since it will still be possible to reuse the drive.

[email protected] LiveCD 5 ships with many new features and refinements, including the latest version of all the aforementioned tools. It also includes [email protected] Disk Editor 7, and the new Linux archive also comes with an installer to make initial setup easier. Partition Recovery now supports LVM and dynamic volumes too. To find out more, point your browser to

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