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If you have ever thought your computer is starting to feel slower then it once was, then you're certainly not alone. In fact, it's entirely normal for a computer to slow down over time as programs and files start filling up the hard drive even if you are no longer using them. It is inevitable that, sooner or later, performance will drop, and the machine will become less reliable. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's time for an expensive upgrade. Oftentimes, all it takes is a little TLC, and that is exactly what System Mechanic Professional has been developed for. It is your one-stop shop for system optimization, providing the full range of tools you need to optimize performance, improve reliability and boost security all in one convenient application.

Clean and Restore Your Registry

The system registry is one of the most important things installed on your computer. This vast database contains detailed information, settings and other important data about all the programs and drivers installed on your computer. Unfortunately, however, owing to its great complexity is the fact that it will, overtime, get clogged with invalid information that can eventually slow your computer down and cause various other issues. With hundreds of thousands of entries, it's also completely impractical to attempt to clean the registry yourself, and it is very risky too. System Mechanic Professional takes care of matters for you by automatically scanning your registry and getting rid of any unused or invalid links that might have been left behind by old programs you have uninstalled.

Boost Hard Drive Performance

Hard drive performance inevitably deteriorates over time as more and more programs and junk files end up on your computer. Furthermore, mechanical hard drives also become fragmented as such that the data stored on them can end up being kept in multiple different physical locations, which means it will take much longer to open files and load programs. System Mechanic Professional provides a full range of disk optimization tools, including a thorough disk cleaning utility that will properly get rid of invalid files left behind by old programs that were not properly uninstalled. The program will even optimize your virtual memory page file, thereby boosting overall performance as well.

Boost Your Internet Performance

Now that people are so heavily reliant on their internet connections, it has become more important than ever to boost reliability and performance, particularly if you're a heavy web user. System Mechanic Professional provides a complete range of internet tune-up utilities and, best of all, everything it automated too. It will diagnose and repair problems, optimize your registry settings and help you get the best possible degree of reliability and performance out of your internet connection.

There's also a free version of System Mechanic, which includes a registry tune-up utility, startup optimizer, cleanup utility, shortcuts repair, Internet connection repair and memory mechanic.The latest edition of System Mechanic Professional sports many refinements and new features. It ships with cleanup utilities for your registry, internet and Windows, a powerful disk defragmenter and plenty more to help you get started. Find out more at .

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Recently, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. released a major update to Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp. Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.30 adds the ability to extract and decrypt WhatsApp stand-alone backups created by Android users in Google Drive. The tool obtains a WhatsApp cryptographic key by registering itself as a new device.

The decryption is possible with access to a verified phone number or SIM card, and requires authenticating into the user's Google account. A WhatsApp encryption key must be only obtained once, and can be used to access all previously created and all future backups for a given combination of Google Account and phone number. The tool provides automatic download and decryption for WhatsApp backups and comes with a built-in viewer.

Notably, a cloud backup may, in certain cases, contain even more information than stored on the device itself. This particularly applies to attachments (photos and videos) sent and received by WhatsApp users and then deleted from the device.

WhatsApp for Android: Not an Easy Target

For several years, WhatsApp has been encrypting its backup databases. Both stand-alone and cloud backups produced by the Android app and are securely protected with industry-standard AES256 encryption. The encryption key is generated by WhatsApp at the time of the first backup. The key is unique per account and per phone number. If the user has multiple WhatsApp accounts and only one Google Account, each WhatsApp account will use a unique encryption key.

The encryption keys are generated by WhatsApp servers; they are never stored in Google Drive. Extracting the encryption keys from a local Android may or may not be possible depending on the phone's root status and the version of Android it is running.

Making things even more complicated is the fact that the many versions of WhatsApp released during the last years are employing different encryption algorithms. This makes it difficult to build an all-in-one acquisition tool compatible with all versions of WhatsApp.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp 2.30 gains the ability to download WhatsApp backups for Android devices directly from the user's Google account, retrieve cryptographic keys from WhatsApp servers and decrypt the content of WhatsApp backups including conversation histories and messages.

In order to obtain the encryption key from WhatsApp, access to the user's trusted phone number or SIM card is required. The authentication code is requested and delivered as a text message. Based on that authentication code, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp automatically creates a cryptographic key that will be used to decrypt all existing and future backups for a given combination of Google Account and phone number. In addition, the user's authentication credentials are required to log in to their Google Account.

If the expert does not have access to the user's SIM card or trusted phone number, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp can access contacts and media files (pictures and videos) the users send and receive with WhatsApp.

Step-by-step WhatsApp acquisition guide:

For more information, please visit

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Digital data is one of the most important and valuable commodities of our time, even if it might not concern a tangible object. Whether it comes in the form of a treasured family photo album, a critical document for work or study or just a collection of miscellaneous files that's been building up over the years, our digital data has become a key part of modern life. That's why taking every possible measure to protect it is also necessary. While keeping your files safely backed up externally is just a matter of common sense, there will always be the risk of something going wrong, and that's why you might on occasion need to turn to data recovery software. With [email protected] File Recovery on your side, there will be something else you can try to get your data back intact.

How Does Data Recovery Work?

It's easy to assume that emptying the recycle bin or formatting a storage device is final. After all, Windows and other operating systems do make a point of warning you before carrying out such a task. What most people do not realize, however, is that this process doesn't really delete anything other than the entry in the file table database. In other words, the file itself remains completely intact until something else overwrites it. This can happen any time but, until it does, the data will remain on the drive until something else overwrites it, and that can take any length of time. However, to improve your chances of a successful recovery operation, it's also of paramount importance to attempt data-recovery as early as you can to reduce the risk of permanently overwriting the deleted data.

[email protected] File Recovery works by exploiting this opportunity in a way that simply isn't possible using manual methods or the controls providing by your operating system. Providing advanced features yet easy usability for everyone, it works with a wide range of file systems and may be started from its own bootable disk. This is particularly useful if you're trying to recover data from your system hard drive, which might be modified and overwritten if you keep starting up the operating system. You will also have a wealth of powerful features at your disposal, such as the ability to search for files of specific types, and the latest edition supports a constantly increasing set of file signatures. Furthermore, [email protected] File Recovery couldn't be easier to use either, thanks to its simple, wizard-driven interface and support for multiple filesystems.

What's New in Version 17?

LSoft is constantly improving its industry-leading data utility software. To that end, the latest version includes more predefined file signatures, support for the latest versions of the Microsoft ReFS file system and a multitude of improvements for data recovery from other file systems, damaged drives and dynamic virtual disk arrays. The scripting engine, designed for advanced users to define custom file signatures, has also been improved. To find out more, pay a visit to, and make your file-recovery woes a thing of the past.

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Most of us have experienced that dreaded feeling after formatting a drive or partition or emptying the Recycle Bin only to find out too late that important files were deleted too. With digital data being a more valuable commodity than ever before, both in the home and in the workplace, losing it can spell disaster. While there's no substitute for keeping your files safe with a robust backup routine, there is no such thing as a completely fool-proof system that always guarantees your data will be kept safe. For this reason, it's always a good idea to have an additional layer of data protection that comes in the form of a reliable data recovery system.

How [email protected] UNDELETE Makes Data Recovery a Breeze

Sometimes, we can forget to back up something important, or the backup we have access to is out of date. In other cases, an entire computer system might fail without any warning, a problem that is especially common with today's solid-state drives. That's why it's sometimes necessary to turn to data recovery and forensics software that can recover the deleted data from its original storage location before it gets overwritten by another file operation. [email protected] UNDELETE works by exploiting that opportunity to give you the best chances possible of getting back what you've lost.

Like most people, you probably assumed that emptying the Recycle Bin or formatting a drive is final, that any data previously held within is now gone for good. Fortunately, that's not really the case, despite what your operating system might warn you. This is because the only thing that is modified is the file system table itself, which is effectively a database containing information about all your files. Once deleted, a file remains on the drive until something else overwrites it. However, this often does not happen until sometime later, and people have successfully been able to recover files deleted weeks or even months before.

[email protected] UNDELETE works by thoroughly scanning your hard drive of other storage device for deleted files that are no longer accessible to the file system. By working in its own self-contained boot environment, it also helps to eliminate any further chances of accidentally overwriting the original data, thereby rendering it impossible to recover. By using advanced techniques, such as different file signatures, it allows you to easily and quickly search for recoverable data of various formats. The latest edition adds even more predefined file signatures, such as MDF and VHDX, in addition to the multitude of common file types already supported including audio, video and image files and documents.

The latest edition, version 14, was launched in January, 2018, and offers many important improvements and new features. It works with any writable storage device using a wide variety of different file systems, including those natively supported by Windows, Linux and Unix. The new version also supports the latest versions of ReFS, as well as improved data recovery for drives using dynamic disk arrays, damaged storage devices and those formatted using the Linux/Unix JFS and XFS file systems. To find out more about the latest changes, visit

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Hard drives and other storage devices are getting larger all the time to such an extent that it's becoming increasingly difficult to effectively manage your data and keep track of a constantly expanding database of apps, documents and media files. With millions of files and folders on your computer, it's important to have a system in place to keep your data properly arranged. That's why many people divide their hard drives into multiple partitions, a process that makes much better use out of space available on your storage device. In fact, most new computers ship with multiple partitions, even though they normally only have one physical hard drive. With [email protected] Partition Manager, you can easily create and manage multiple partitions on any hard drive or solid-state drive.

Work with Different File Systems

Aside from helping to keep your increasing multitude of files organized, separating your hard drive into multiple partitions is a great way to run multiple operating systems on the same drive and computer. This approach tends to be more economical than installing multiple physical hard drives or solid-state drives, since it allows one physical storage device to act as two or more individual drives. Since [email protected] Partition Manager offers support for multiple file systems, you can create and manage partitions for Windows as well as all the popular alternatives to the world's most popular operating system, such as Linux and OSX. Supported file systems include FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, ReFS, UFS, JFS, XFS, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4. With some file systems, you can edit boot sectors directly.

Restore Deleted or Damaged Partitions

[email protected] Partition Manager is a component of LSoft Technologies' leading line of disk utilities products. This application is, however, completely free, and offered as a standalone, lightweight program featuring some of the core functions of [email protected] UNDELETE, one of the world's favorite data recovery programs. [email protected] UNDELETE provides a useful a simple set of features for recovering partitions that have accidentally been deleted and, in many cases, it can recover partitions that have been damaged by a malware attack or for some other reason. In most situations, this means you can get back your lost data intact, even if it appears to be lost forever on a partition that no longer exists. Furthermore, you can even recover data from deleted or damaged RAID arrays and create and open complete drive images for data backup and restore purposes.

New Version Available

Launched on November 28, 2017, version 6.0 of [email protected] Partition Manager sports a number of welcome new improvements, including numerous minor tweaks and bug fixes and an improved user interface. The interface has been adapted for use with high-resolution displays, while improved GPT volume support provides better management and formatting. There have also been extensive tweaks and bug fixes to the GUI to make it easier to use than ever. The latest edition supports all editions of Windows 10 and many earlier operating systems as far back as Windows 2003. If you're ready to get started with [email protected] Partition Manager, visit and download the program for free today.

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[email protected] LiveCD is a high-end toolset consisting of a wide range of disk and data applications accessible through a fully self-contained operating environment that works independently of your everyday operating system. This allows you to carry out many low-level disk tasks, diagnose problems that might be preventing your computer from booting or even starting up a computer that doesn't have an operating system or even a drive installed. Instead, you can start the standalone operating system and included disk utilities from a bootable USB drive, memory card or DVD. With the range of troubleshooting and maintenance tools at your disposal, as well as many useful everyday computing tools, you'll also have everything you need to repair and manage your storage devices, recover deleted data or securely delete sensitive data from your computer.

Effective Data Management Tools

Did you know that, when you format a drive or delete a file from the recycle bin, the original data stays on the computer until it gets overwritten by something else? This means anyone can recover data from a formatted drive with the right software, since there is no guarantee that anything will ever overwrite the original data. Fortunately, [email protected] LiveCD provides the tools you need to sanitize old hard drives without physically destroying them as degaussing operations do, for example. With the all-new [email protected] KillDisk 11 included, you can now securely delete data by overwriting it with ones and zeroes as per government-mandated disk sanitation standards demand. That way, you'll be able to safely wipe any hard drive.

Perhaps, your goal is instead to recover or back up your data, in which case [email protected] LiveCD also provides the tools you need. Included in this new version is [email protected] UNDELETE 12, which lets you restore recoverable files which have been removed from the recycle bin by tracking down important meta information, such as file type. If you have accidentally deleted or formatted a partition or volume on your hard drive or other storage device, you can use the included [email protected] Partition Recovery 16 program to get back your data. Other useful tools include [email protected] Password Changer 8 and [email protected] Disk Editor.

[email protected] LiveCD is also designed for data backup and disaster recovery in mind. As such, it provides the tools necessary to create complete byte-by-byte disk image of all data on your computer, including your operating system, programs and personal files. This way, you will have a complete backup of all your data, which is ideal for making sure you don't forget about something important or you want to transfer your existing operating system and programs to a new hard drive or computer.

User-Friendly GUI

[email protected] LiveCD provides an instantly familiar and intuitive user interface. Based on the openSUSE Linux distribution, it is easy to use, even for people who have never used a Linux-based operating system before. Regardless of whether you typically work with Linux, Windows, OS X or pretty much any other modern operating system, [email protected] LiveCD offers full support for a multitude of file systems. It also includes everyday utilities including a web browser, calculator, notepad, registry editor and various other tools. To find out more, visit today.

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As the default file system used by all systems powered by Windows, NTFS is easily the most common format for storage devices used both at home and in the workplace. At the same time, many people prefer to use macOS, Apple's proprietary operating system designed for use with its laptop and desktop computers. However, Mac users will find their options limited if they want to access and use a device, such as an external USB hard drive or pen drive, that has been formatted using the NTFS file system. While macOS does provide limited support for NTFS-formatted storage devices, it generally does not allow you to write data to the drive or perform most advanced tasks. Fortunately, Tuxera NTFS for Mac integrates full support for the NTFS file system, allowing you to use any Windows-formatted drive without restrictions.

Ease of Use and Excellent Compatibility

Tuxera NTFS for Mac does far more than just allow you to access files on NTFS-formatted drives. It also provides many other useful features that improve performance while providing better protection for your data. You don't need to worry about any complicated setup processes either, and the software provides instant access, including full write-enabled access, to any NTFS drive as soon as it has been installed. It also allows you to work with drives featuring multiple NTFS partitions, which is especially common for system hard drives on new computers. It works with all current versions of macOS as well as previous versions from OS X and onwards. Furthermore, it takes full advantage of 64-bit processor architecture to provide optimal performance.

Going far beyond the limited native capabilities of the macOS operating system, Tuxera NTFS for Mac provides access to the full range of NTFS-specific capabilities, such as virtualization, data encryption and the extended file attributes. In other words, you'll be able to use your NTFS drives and partitions in much the same way as you would with Windows.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac is designed with ease of use in mind, so it's ideal for both casual and advanced users. Perhaps, for example, a friend lent you a USB flash drive containing some files they want to share with you, but the drive uses NTFS - that doesn't present a problem. Furthermore, if you're an advanced user who needs complete access to things like full disk encryption, Tuxera NTFS for Mac has you covered. It even allows you to format external devices using NTFS with the included disk utility.

What's New in the Latest Edition?

The newest version, launched in February 2018, provides support for the latest High Sierra edition of macOS. Free upgrades are provided for all existing users as well. The kernel extension has been updated to offer improved compatibility with the very core of macOS as such that it is like having a Macintosh computer with full, native, NTFS support. This makes it ideal if you're new to Mac, having just switched from Windows and are having trouble moving over your files from external drives. If you're ready to get started, visit today.

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Are you tired of photo editing software that comes with a monumental learning curve or lacks the features you need to do your job to the professional standard that your clients expect? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then it is probably time to start looking for a new solution. ACDSee Photo Editor is designed to help you simplify your workflows with a one-stop solution that automates all of those repetitive tasks while still providing you with total control over your photography projects. It helps you get straight to the creative part as well, thanks to the layered photo editing interface and powerful image adjustment capabilities. Whether you're looking to create original graphics from scratch, or to polish up your photography projects to the highest degree of professionalism, this solution provides everything you need to supercharge your creative environment.

Complete Support for RAW Image Formats

No self-respecting professional or amateur photographer would ever be content working only with lossy graphics formats, such as JPG. As it has been designed with the most discerning users in mind, ACDSee Photo Editor provides full support for uncompressed RAW image formats. In other words, it lets you open and edit the images exactly as your camera took them, without any additional distortions or artefacts due to compression algorithms. Furthermore, the software provides all the tools you need to spruce up your images. For example, you can sharpen all or part of an image, apply specific filters, remove noise, balance shadows or change highlights. You can target the whole image or pay attention only to specific colors or even edit your image by targeting individual pixels.

ACDSee Photo Editor affords precise control over all your projects thanks to its finely tuned and non-destructive editing capabilities. This allows you to enjoy fast results without making any modifications to an original image. For example, you can easily remove anomalies, such as smoke or haze, from an image. You can also apply filters to specific parts of images and use layer masks to non-destructively edit specific elements. Furthermore, there's even a layered repair and retouching feature that eliminates that need to reshoot your photographs.

High Performance and Excellent Usability

ACDSee Photo Editor offers exceptional performance, excellent usability, and the professional tools you need all wrapped into one. The fully customizable workspace, including dockable and stackable interface elements, and customizable hotkeys, allow you to set up the program to work perfectly for you. Are you used to using another photo editing program and want to keep using familiar shortcuts? No problem. This software is designed with flexibility in mind and, even more impressively, it is also fully compatible with all the latest Photoshop plugins. Also provided is integrated support for the latest graphics cards to further improve rendering performance, especially when working with complex images consisting of multiple layers. Now you can do more with your images without suffering from intolerable performance hits!

To get started with our leading photo editor today, visit the website at
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Database Workbench is the ultimate tool for database developers thanks to the fact it offers a centralized development environment for working with database engines of different types. No longer do developers working with multiple database standards and formats have to swap between multiple development environments having to learn how to use a new interface with each one. The goal of this powerful utility is to provide a powerful set of tools throughout a consistent interface that improves productivity and makes working with modular development environments a breeze. In fact, reviewers have consistently praised Database Workbench for its easy of use and intuitive user interface.

What's Special about Database Workbench

Aside from streamlining multiple development environments into one easy-to-use modular environment, Database Workbench provides a wealth of features that make it ready for just about any application. While complex by its nature, it is also easy to use and ready for the international marketplace. To that end, it provides complete support for the Unicode standard, allowing developers to create and display data in any language. In fact, it is even possible to include meta data in other languages and writing systems without having to worry about encoding or compatibility issues arising. Exporting or importing Unicode data is a breeze, and you can easily transfer it between the different database systems that you are working with.

Those using multiple database systems or multiple versions of the same system can also transfer data across different development environments thanks to the consistently familiar interface across every module. It doesn't matter which database systems you use - you no longer need to worry about different vendor tools causing added confusion. That means less time learning how to operate with new systems and more time working on your projects. Further enhancing productivity and helping you to get the most out of your projects is a full web-based documentation, great customer support and ongoing updates, all of which are free to use for a year.

Database Workbench Features

With its agnostic visual design tools, developers can create a new database, even one that is designed for use with multiple database systems. However, they can do so from a single source. It is also possible to create a visual diagram from any existing database or design databases elsewhere and implement them using the included database script or visual editor.

Implementing your database couldn't be easier thanks to its powerful visual editor and management tools. Drag-and-drop editing and SQL insight tools make it easy to view object dependencies and more. Finally, you will also have access to a rich set of testing, debugging and maintenance tools. For example, you can easily extract scripts for objects and even create change scripts to use with the included database compare tool. Visual query builders and stored routine debugging are yet more powerful tools that can help you reduce errors and ensure that your data maintains its integrity throughout the project.

If you're ready to change the way you work with database development, then take a look at today.

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There is a huge number of benefits of using professional computer aided design software to help realize your projects. CAD software helps improve productivity in a multitude of ways, and many of these benefits are immediately obvious throughout the design process and, of course, in the final results. Some may also indirectly improve the quality of the end product. For example, many projects rely on the ability to take and note down very accurate measurements. Other possible benefits include having much more control over the entire design and production process from start to finish. Overall, it's about getting results in less time and streamlining your digital workflow without compromising on quality.

How CADopia Professional Edition Helps You

Do you need a program to create detailed structural plans and drawings where measurements need to be extremely accurate throughout? Or, perhaps you need to create impressive architectural plans to help showcase your ideas and bring them to reality? In other situations, you might want to create professional 3D models for advanced manufacturing processes or 3D printers. Whatever your reasons for taking up computer aided design, there is a solution that can see to all your needs. CADopia Professional Edition sports all the industry-standard features of leading CAD software, albeit at a fraction of the price. Better yet, this solution is fully compatible with the DWG format, which has long been the gold standard in professional drawing formats.

Work in a Familiar Environment

Many computer aided design professionals choose AutoCAD simply because it's the best-known product in the industry. However, that doesn't mean you should be stuck without a choice. Fortunately, CADopia Professional Edition provides native support for the industry-standard DWG format, meaning that you can create and edit files in that format without any restrictions. Furthermore, the professional edition lets you import and export PDF files, another common format for professional drawings.

Just because you're working with a different program shouldn't mean you have to learn your CAD software all over again. Thanks to the familiar user interface with CADopia, there's no major learning curve and the loss of productivity that comes with it. There is a standard command line interface as well as familiar toolbars, buttons and keyboard shortcuts. It is easy to learn and use without compromising on features. In fact, the software provides a comprehensive set of drawing tools, full support for plotting and printing and advanced 3D functionality.

What's New in CADopia 17?

With the launch of version 17, CADopia Professional Edition is now more versatile than ever before. The latest edition provides a raft of new features and improvements, including support for advanced PDF to DWG conversion and many improvements to the editing process. For example, you can now add patterns along any path, edit polylines without limitations and split dimension lines. Also new are more commands and a dynamic print preview interface.

If you're looking to get started with an affordable computer aided design suite, then look no further than CADopia Professional Edition. You can get started today by visiting

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