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Exclusively available to Android users, WhatsApp Business offers a number of features aimed at small business owners. It allows businesses interact with their customers by using a number of automation tools to quickly find and respond to messages. Starting with v.2.40, Elcomsoft Extractor for WhatsApp supports physical and cloud acquisition of WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business Physical Extraction

It's important to note that WhatsApp Business is a separate app and can run alongside with the regular WhatsApp app. However, unless the user has a dual-SIM phone and configures the two WhatsApp apps to use different phone numbers, only one of the apps can be active. If the user has a phone with a single SIM card, activating WhatsApp Business on that phone number automatically deactivates the regular app and vice versa. Compared to the 'normal' WhatsApp, the Business app has a different protection scheme that rules out physical acquisition from Android devices without root access. That's why Elcomsoft Extractor for WhatsApp must utilize root access to extract WhatsApp Business data. As a result, a rooted phone is the required pre-requisite for physical extraction.

Perform the following steps to extract information from a rooted device
  1. Enable USB Debugging on the device you are about to acquire. This may require unlocking the device and entering the passcode.

  2. Connect the phone to the PC and make sure that an ADB link is established. You may be prompted to confirm the ADB link prompt on the phone, which requires unlocking the device. Once "adb devices" returns the list of devices attached, you're good to go.

  3. Launch EXWA 2.40 or newer

  4. Select Android > Load from Device

  5. EXWA will check if the device is connected

  6. If the device is connected and USB debugging is authorized, you'll see information about the device. Click Load data.

  7. The data will be first copied from the private sandbox to common storage

  8. The data will be pulled to your PC

  9. Once the process is complete, the backup appears in the list of available sources

  10. Click on a backup to view its contents

  11. You now can accessthe entire WhatsApp database

WhatsApp Business Cloud Extraction from Google Drive

In the majority of cases you deal with Android phones that don't have root access installed. Unless it's an old handset with a known vulnerability or it has its bootloader unlocked, rooting the phone may be difficult or unfeasible. For these situations, we developed a solution allowing you to extract WhatsApp Business data from a Google Drive backup. You'll need to authenticate into the user's Google Account in order to download the backup. However, that's not the end. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business encrypt their Google Drive backups with a key that is impossible to obtain from the device without root access. This key is also held on WhatsApp servers and is normally used when the user restores their cloud backup on a new device. Google Drive backups contain less information compared to what is available through physical extraction. Elcomsoft Extractor for WhatsApp can register as a new WhatsApp Business client and obtain the encryption key from the server. In order to register as a WhatsApp Business client, the tool requests a one-time code received as an SMS from WhatsApp; you'll need to enter that code into Elcomsoft Extractor for WhatsApp to confirm registration.

Below is the instruction for cloud acquisition
  1. Launch EXWA 2.40 or newer

  2. Select Android > Download from Google Drive

  3. Provide the user's Google ID and password. If the account is protected with Two-Factor Authentication, you'll be prompted to complete the secondary step. EXWA supports all current 2FA methods provided by Google.

  4. If authentication is successful, you'll be presented with available backups. If there is no data available, you may need to create a fresh backup by unlocking the phone, launching WhatsApp Business and tapping Settings > Chats > Chat backup. Enable backups in Google Drive settings and tap the BACK UP button.

  5. Select one or more backups and click Download

  6. EXWA will download the backup(s)

  7. Since WhatsApp Business always encrypts conversations but not the media, you'll be presented with a choice: open the downloaded backup and access only the contacts and media files, or try to decrypt the backup to access histories and conversations.

  8. To obtain the decryption key, EXWA must register itself as a new WhatsApp Business client. You'll need to enter a one-time code received from WhatsApp to the user's registered phone number. Click Request code, enter it and click Decrypt.

  9. The backup will be decrypted in a few moments. You'll be able to access the entire content of the backup.
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Qoppa Software announces the availability of its feature-rich business grade PDF Reader, called PDF Studio Viewer, now with annotations and form filling.

Based on the same proprietary PDF technology found in Qoppa advanced PDF tools and already used by more than half a million users worldwide, the new PDF viewer works on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and comes with a comprehensive set of PDF features.

We are excited to release this very solid PDF viewing and annotating application that works exactly the same on all platforms. Considering all the advanced viewing features, we expect it to be a big hit for students and professionals working on Mac and Linux, especially in the Engineering / Architecture, Marketing or Print industries. Users on these platforms have long been without a good and reliable PDF reader. says Gerald Holmann, Founder of Qoppa Software.

Below are some of the functions that users can perform using PDF Studio Viewer on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Review and annotate PDF documents with text and graphics. Add sticky notes, text boxes, callout, shapes and text markup annotations (highlight, cross-out, and underline).

Fill & save interactive forms of type Acroform or static XFA. javascript support allows for fields calculations, validation and formatting.

Search through PDFs using the Advanced Search Dialog which has options to look within the current document, all open documents, all recent documents or recursively through documents contained in a folder. It is possible to search text within the document content or within interactive objects, including form fields, annotations, meta data and filenames.

Read and navigate through PDF documents using the touch of a finger on tablets and touch screens (such as Microsoft Surface) thanks to Touch Mode that comes with larger icons, navigation buttons and enlarged fonts in navigation panels. High DPI screens (4k and up) are also supported.

Verify & Validate Digital Signatures, including those from Adobe Sign (formerly Echosign) and DocuSign, using the certificates contained in the operating system store or those imported by the user.

Inspect even the smallest details using the Loupe Tool, a small rectangle window that can be dragged over a document to magnify a portion of the page.

Zoom within pages of a document with the Pan & Zoom Tool which opens a second window that displays both the whole page and the current view as a red rectangle.

Take a screenshot of the page and save it to an image file or to the clipboard with the Snapshot Tool.

Preview and Print PDF documents with advanced options for page range, position, multiple pages per sheet or booklets using PDF Studio powerful Print Dialog.

PDF Studio Viewer is free for personal and commercial use. It comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS Moave, High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 & 17.10.

For those needing more editing features, PDF Studio is also available in Standard and Pro editions with advanced functions for OCR, Content Editing, Page Manipulation, Permanent Redaction, File Optimization, Interactive Forms Designer, and more. These paid editions of PDF Studio are affordable alternatives to Adobe Acrobat, can be purchased with a one-time fee and do not require a subscription commitment.

Download PDF Studio Viewer Now!
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Qoppa Software announces Version 2018 of its feature-rich business grade PDF Editor, called PDF Studio for Windows, macOS and Linux, now with inline text editing and ribbon user interface. Based on the same proprietary PDF technology found in Qoppa advanced PDF tools and already used by more than half a million users worldwide, PDF Studio works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and comes with a comprehensive set of PDF features:

New! The Ribbon Toolbar provides easy and efficient access to the many functions the application has to offer. Compared with the old classic menu, ribbons are enhancing the discoverability of new & existing features, providing users with a simple to use, visual interface to browse through all the tools and find the functions they need. The responsive auto-sizing design also creates better support for different display and windows sizes.

New! Inline Text Content Editing: Edit text within a PDF as you would in a word processor, including across paragraphs, without worrying about text reflow. Modify layout by resizing or moving columns and easily change font, style and alignment on text. The new cursor based content editing with reflow provides user friendly text editing directly on the page.

Markup & Review PDFs: Annotate PDF documents with text and graphics to communicate and send feedback about your PDF documents. Add sticky notes, text boxes, callout, shapes, text markup annotations (highlight, cross-out and underline). Apply stamps to a PDF in the same way you would apply rubber stamps to a paper document. Choose from a list of predefined stamps or create your own custom stamps.

Design & Fill Interactive Forms: Streamline paper-based workflows by creating PDF forms and filling or receiving electronic data from partners, customers and employees. javascript is supported for form fields formatting, validation and calculations.

Apply & Verify Signatures: Secure your document with official digital signatures that encrypt your documents and prevent them for further editing. Or use the fast sign tool to create signature stamps that can be simply applied to documents. The stamps can be created using a signature font, drawing with your mouse (tablet pen also supported) or importing an existing scanned image of your signature.

Merge / Convert Files: PDF Studio can merge files and convert from and to a wide range of formats including: Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to HTML5, PDF to SVG, PDF to and from images: png, tiff, JPEG, etc. It can scan images into an existing or new PDF document using any TWAIN, WIA/ICA or Sane compliant scanner, as well as OCR documents to recognize and add text.

Optimize PDFs: Reduce file size of PDF documents before sharing or publishing them. The Optimizer function provides many options to downsize and compress images, removed unused or duplicate objects and compress data streams. It's possible to save custom optimizer profiles and even to optimize a batch of PDF documents at once.

Compare PDF Documents: Architects and engineers will enjoy the PDF Overlay Comparison feature which allows visual comparison of drawings and blue prints by overlaying two documents and highlighting the differences using complementary colors. Users can switch back and forth between Overlay Comparison and Side by Side Comparison, and add annotations to both documents.

Permanent Redaction: Remove sensitive information from PDF documents prior to publication or release. Redaction annotations are first added to cover confidential areas on page, then applied as a second step, or burnt-in into the document, to permanently delete the underlying text, images or shapes.

Preflight PDFs: Convert your PDF files to PDF/A for long-term storage and archival of documents. It's a strict subset of the PDF format which helps ensure that documents will render the same in the future as when they were saved. PDF Studio provides PDF/A compliance verification as well as the ability to convert existing files to PDF/A format.

Imposition: Professionals in the prepress and print industry can preview and rearrange pages in a PDF using the advanced PDF Imposition function. It supports all the different industry standard binding methods including 2, 4, & 8 up booklets, cut stacks, sequential, step and repeat. When combined with other existing features such as output preview, preflight and advanced printing options, PDF Studio makes a very powerful and affordable software offering for the pre-press and print professionals, whether they are running Windows, Mac or Linux.

PDF Studio is an all-in-one PDF editing application for Windows, Mac & Linux. PDF Studio comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS Moave, High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 & 17.10.
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If you are already a part of the SAM Broadcaster Cloud family, you probably know all about SAM Cloud's array of features, and if you are planning on signing up, you will soon find out. SAM Cloud has a ton of really cool features, like Automation Scheduling, Live Streaming, and Automatic Fail-Over should your live stream drop. One of the most appreciated features is by far the free hosted player page that comes with your SAM Cloud subscription.

It's fully customizable

It's fully hosted, free, and mobile-friendly, but one of the best things about the player page included with your SAM Cloud subscription is that it is fully customizable. Customizing your station player page helps make it your own as well as cater to your listeners. You can customize your station's free hosted player page based on the station's genre, or even to your radio persona - it's up to you. Listeners are more likely to appreciate a customized site that reflects their favorite music genre or the persona of their favorite DJs, rather than a dull, anonymous, and arguably boring website that gives nothing away.

To start customizing your player page, simply log in to SAM Cloud and select your station. Then click on the Widgets Tab as shown below.

Once the Widget Tab is displayed, you can select the Customize Player Site under the Free Hosted Website heading.

You will then see an extensive customization menu that we will briefly look at below.

Here you can toggle your menu display between a classic or a compact display. You can also change the color scheme of the default and active items on your site menu.

Header and Footer
Here you can change the background color, as well as the color of your text and station name.

Now Playing
In the Now Playing tab, you can select the background colour of your Now Playing section, as well as upload a background image, choose the background size and change the color of other aspects like text color, etc.

In the Main tab, you can control the primary color scheme for your site, as well as a choice of a landing page, which is the first page that your listeners will see upon visiting your page.

The Widgets tab allows you to control some of the details related to the widgets you add to your site. These details include things like the theme, media library limit, coming up limit, and whether or not you want to show a scheduled timeline. Stay tuned for a closer look at our widgets!

Google Analytics
Here you can enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

Our Widgets
There is an array of customizable widgets that you can add to your own station website to help make it your own and enhance the overall experience for your visitors. These include widgets for displaying Station Information, Recently Played Tracks, Now Playing Information, Your Media Library, Now Playing Dedications and more (as can be seen in the image below).

It also allows you to set the limits for your Media Library, Coming Up, Recently Played etc. You can also choose whether or not you want to display Album Cover Art and Buy Buttons, as well as controlling the theme.

To generate your widget code, simply select the required, configurable widget options from the 'Web Widgets' and click 'Generate' to bring up a preview. When you are satisfied with the way that your chosen Widgets look, just copy and paste the code into your website.

Listen Links
We also aid you in generating links with which you can share your station with listeners in external players. These links can also be used to subscribe to online directories like TuneIn.

We hope you have a ton of fun making your station's free hosted player page your own. We know your listeners will love it and will love seeing your site's look evolve along with you. SAM Cloud sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, you can try out a free trial or get your very own subscription here:

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As any database developer knows, creating and working with databases is no easy task, especially when you need to work with multiple database engines. For a start, there is the need to get to know various, often disconnected and dissimilar development environments each with their own unique user interfaces and feature sets. Working with multiple applications to develop and maintain databases is also costly. Firstly, you need to shell out for a lot more software, and it is inevitable that productivity will take a hit when you need to get used to working with several different programs. Fortunately, things do not have to be this way thanks to the release of Database Workbench Pro, a centralized solution that brings lots of database development environments under one roof. This powerful utility serves to provide that consistent user experience you need to boost productivity and get motivated. In fact, it's safe to say that it makes working with any modular development environment a breeze.

What Makes Database Workbench Pro Special?

Unlike other database development solutions, Database Workbench Pro works by streamlining multiple development environments into one, all accessible through a single, centralized user interface. However, that's not the only super power this program has. Designed with complete versatility in mind, as well as being limitlessly scalable, the program is ready for the global marketplace thanks to built-in support for multiple languages and the Unicode standard. No matter which database engine they are using, users can create and display data in any language supported by the latest Unicode standard. It is also possible to create meta data in other languages, and there is no need to concern yourself with compatibility and encoding issues arising. Therefore, you can focus on your job without having to worry about wasting time trying to solve trivial peripheral issues.

If you are using multiple database engines or multiple versions of the same engine, Database Workbench Pro lets you transfer data between them without a hitch. Regardless of which database systems you use, the interface remains consistently familiar throughout the experience. This translates into less time spent learning how to use multiple systems or alt-tabbing between different programs and more time getting down to the core task at hand. To make matters even easier, users will have immediate access to a full web-based documentation, excellent customer support and ongoing updates, all of which are covered for a whole year.

Database Workbench Pro couldn't be easier to use thanks to its agnostic design tools. There is a visual editor to help you get work done more quickly, while a script editor provides unprecedented power to advanced developers. Management and editing tools let you drag and drop components, gather data-driven insights and view object dependencies with ease. You can also extract scripts for objects, debug your databases and carry out routine maintenance tasks with the wealth of tools and features provided.

If you are ready to change the way you work with databases, then try Database Workbench Pro today. You can learn more about the program at

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New Features for Administrators

Single Installer for All Licensed Features

The MDaemon download/install file now includes all former plug-ins which are now "licensed features" of MDaemon that require a separate license key.

  • MDaemon Antivirus (formerly SecurityPlus)

  • MDaemon Connector for Outlook (formerly Outlook Connector)

  • MDaemon ActiveSync (formerly ActiveSync for MDaemon)

When you enable each feature for the first time, a 30-day trial is activated. You can purchase a full license for these features on our website or through your local MDaemon reseller. Purchase options can also be found under the Help menu in MDaemon.

Enhanced Security to Avoid DNS Attacks

DNSSEC is a technology that digitally signs DNS data so that you can be assured that it's valid. It was created to combat man-in-the-middle attacks that are possible in the DNS system. These types of attacks can lead to users being directed to a hijacker's own deceptive website in an attempt to collect personal data. To help ensure MDaemon does not become a victim of these attacks, it is now capable of requesting DNSSEC be used when available.

Remote Administration - Set Security Features to their Recommended Settings

If you have adjusted MDaemon's security settings over time and are unsure of the best settings for optimal security, you can now set each security feature to its recommended setting with a single mouse click in MDaemon Remote Administration.

Antivirus - Mailbox Scanning

When MDaemon Antivirus is enabled, administrators can now configure a schedule to scan all mailboxes. This allows the detection of any infected messages that may have passed through before any new virus definitions were created to detect the latest threats.

ActiveSync - Exempt Known Devices from Location Screening

An option has been added to allow a previously known device to bypass location screening when connecting via MDaemon ActiveSync. Administrators can enable this option to allow users to continue to access their account from locations that are configured to have their authentication attempts blocked. This is useful if you have users who are traveling and need access to their email.

New Features for End Users

Remote Administration & Webmail - Remember Me for Easier Access

MDaemon Webmail and Remote Administration users can enable the Remember Me feature to automatically login without having to enter a username and password. The Remember Me duration can be configured by the administrator for up to 365 days.

Webmail - Simplified Email Encryption

When composing a message, MDaemon Webmail users can use the Advanced Options screen to instruct MDaemon to encrypt the message, retrieve their public key, or retrieve the public key of another user (if available). This greatly simplifies the process of sending secure, encrypted email using MDaemon PGP.

Webmail - Message Snooze

MDaemon Webmail users can snooze emails to temporarily remove them from their inbox until they need them. The user's email will reappear in the inbox at the configured time, whether it's tomorrow, next week, or when you get home. Snoozed messages can be displayed at any time using the View Snoozed Messages options.

Webmail - Collaboration & Security for Public Calendars

MDaemon Webmail users can publish a calendar to a publicly accessible URL for easy sharing and collaboration. For added security, these public calendars can be password protected. To publish a calendar, click the Share Folder icon for your calendar under the Options|Folders menu in MDaemon Webmail, enter an optional display name and password under the Public Access tab, and then click on Publish Calendar. Anyone who has the calendar's URL and optional password can view it in their browser. More information on how to enable this feature globally or on a per-user basis can be found in the MDaemon release notes.

Webmail - Text-to-Speech

When viewing a message in MDaemon Webmail using the WorldClient, LookOut, or Mobile theme, users can click on a button to listen to the message.

Note: This feature is currently only supported in Chrome or Firefox.

Are you running an older version of MDaemon or using a different email platform? Download the latest MDaemon & see what you've been missing!

Click here if you'd like to learn more about MDaemon & what's new with version 18, or if you're considering changing platforms for a simpler and more cost-effective email solution

Please let us know if there is a feature you'd like us to add to a future version of MDaemon. Should you need further assistance, you can contact our Support staff. As always, we'll be happy to answer any questions!

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Hello, I am Seo specialist and I make modules. Here, I will show you some modules which will boost your online store and increase your sales to double

Prestashop Pre Oder
Prestashop Product Tabs
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File synchronization utilities help you keep updated copies of files or folders in two or more locations, such as different computers, network drives, USB drives, or online storage. While a file sync utility could be used as a simple backup tool (called mirroring), its real power lies in keeping an identical set of working files in two or more locations.

If you need to compare the contents of two folders - perhaps a local folder and one on a network or removable drive, then usually this is a painstaking, manual side-by-side comparison which is time consuming, and prone to human error. Unfortunately, this is something that just has to be done from time to time.

File syncing tools have a tendency to be very complicated affairs, but this is not the case with FreeFileSync ( As the name would suggest, the program is available free of charge and it makes it easy to always have copies of the latest versions of the files you are working with.

A simple, unclutter interface means that setting up folder pairs is quick and painless and there are a range of file synchronization options available. Files can be compared using the date of last access, or by performing a bit by bit comparison. There is no limit on the number of files that can be included in a synchronization job so the program is suitable for even the most demanding of user.

Batch jobs can be created to help automate the process of synchronizing a large number of folder pairs, and the option to move files to the Recycle Bin rather than simply deleting them, means that a safety net is always available. With fast operation and fast, simple setup, FreeFileSync enables you to synchronize files conveniently.

FreeFileSync lets you copy locked files (via Windows Volume Shadow Copy service) and add commands for opening and using external applications. The program supports very long file names and works with an unlimited number of files. You can delete files before you copy them to avoid running out of disk space when syncing large folders.

FreeFileSync supports filters, file sizes greater than 4GB, delete-before-copy for large sync operations, and creation of batch files for automated synchronization. After compare process (by date or content) operations can be customized on a file-by-file basis.

FreeFileSync is also available in a handy portable version that requires no installation. This version is perfect for netbooks, computers that are low on resource, or for systems where installations are not possible.

If you have large number of files that you want to compare to find duplicate files or replace or update old files with latest ones then FreeFileSync is a great tool to perform that. FreeFileSync compares two folders and based on what you want it can add, update, mirror files of two folders.
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What Are These TAR Files?

While TAR is just an uncompressed archive used in UNIX-based OS'es, this speaks little of its importance for the mobile forensic specialist. Since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, physical acquisition has never been the same. For all iPhones and iPads with Apple's 64-bit processors, physical acquisition is exclusively available via file system extraction because of full-disk encryption. Even with a jailbreak, you must run the tarball command on the device itself to bypass the encryption. Since the file system image is captured and packed by iOS, you'll get exactly the same TAR file regardless of the tool performing physical acquisition.

What Can We Do With That TAR File?

Until now, most tools available for analysing information inside these TAR files were integral parts of fully-featured forensic toolkits. Your options would be limited to either time-consuming manual analysis or a highly sophisticated forensic suite. This is where Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.70 comes. It offers a perfect alternative to both the manual analysis and the use of complex forensic packages. With Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can access call logs, contacts, messages, notifications, browsing history and location data.

Why TAR Files Are Important?

Compared to logical acquisition, physical offers tangible benefits. You get the following in addition to what you'd see in a backup:

1. Notifications. Undismissed notifications used to be part of a backup, yet iOS 11 got rid of them. Today, you can only extract notifications from a TAR file. Notifications may contain critical evidence that would be otherwise unavailable, such as notifications from email accounts, social networks, banking, travel and taxi apps, etc.

2. Applications. In iOS, developers have control over what information gets backed up. Even if they opt to allow a backup, the developer may choose to make the data available to same device only - meaning it'll be encrypted with a hardware key that would be impossible to crack even with a jailbreak. The TAR file solves this problem by allowing unrestricted access to apps' sandboxed data. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer displays the list of installed packages and shows the exact location of each app's data.

3. Locations. You can see a lot more location data in a TAR file compared to a backup.

EPV 3.70 can extract locations from multiple sources:

Significant locations

Locations cache

Apple Maps

Google Maps

EXIF in media files

Calendar events

The UBER app

By accessing location data gathered from such a wide range of sources, you are no longer limited to evidence from just the location logs. Some sources are only available with physical extraction and some data may be limited when analyzing backups.

When Locations Can Lie

When analysing location data, do note that you can't blindly trust everything reported by the tool. For example, locations are extracted from all images on the device and not just those captured by the device. Calendar events could be automatically added without the user ever attending. Locations cache lists approximate coordinates of the nearest base station, while Wi-Fi coordinates are retrieved with a third-party service based on the access point's MAC address; this data should generally be questioned as hard evidence. Finally, Significant Locations are derived with a closed-source algorithm. However, they are among the more reliable indicators of the user's actual location, albeit without a time stamp.

Analyzing TAR Files with Elcomsoft Phone Viewer

First, make sure you are using the Forensic edition, which can be purchased separately. The Standard edition can't open TAR files. You'll also need a TAR file obtained with Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit or GrayKey.

Launch EPV. You'll see a new icon - "iOS device image". Click on it to open a TAR file.

Select the TAR file. Once it opens, you'll see a prompt asking whether to scan locations other than the Camera Roll for media files that may contain location data.

The archive will be unpacked.

The file will be processed to discover and index evidence.

Finally, you'll be able to access evidence! Due to background processing of the data you may be concerned with one or more question marks instead of the number of items. EPV resolves the number of entries once you open the corresponding category.

So what's inside?

First, the list of installed apps. If your computer has Internet access, you'll be prompted to allow matching package names against iTunes database. This allows seeing the actual app's name rather than the name of the package.

Locations. Click on the coordinates to open the map.

In addition, you can analyze Safari bookmarks, browsing history, notifications, call logs, messages and more.

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iOS 11.4 has finally brought a feature Apple promised almost a year ago: the iMessage sync via iCloud. Let's have a look at how iMessages are protected and how to download them from iCloud.

iMessages in iCloud

Even before iOS 11 Apple had Continuity, a convenient mechanism for accessing iMessages from multiple Apple devices registered with the same Apple ID. With Continuity, users can effectively send and receive iMessages on their Mac. Speaking of Mac computers, one could access iMessages by simply signing in to the same iCloud account in the Messages app. Without Continuity, one would only receive iMessages with no SMS; with Continuity, both iMessages and SMS messages would be delivered.

However, even with Continuity in place, iMessages were never stored in iCloud or synced with iCloud. Instead, the messages were only stored locally on enrolled devices. This led to a major problem, making it impossible for the user to keep iMessage conversations in sync between their iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. If the user deleted a message in the iPhone app, it would not be deleted on their Mac, and vice versa. Forensic experts knew about this, and made active use of this feature. Multiple cases are known where law enforcement experts were analyzing the user's Mac in order to gain access to iMessages that were already wiped from their iPhone.

iCloud sync for iMessage introduced in iOS 11.4 takes care of this problem by changing the way iMessage sync is handled. Instead of using the flawed Continuity mechanism, iOS 11.4 now stores iMessages in iCloud. The messages are automatically synchronized across all enrolled devices on the user's Apple ID. iCloud sync works similar to existing synchronizations such as iCloud Keychain, iCloud Photo Library or iCloud contacts.

iMessage Security

Apple protects iMessages with a strong protection mechanism much like the one that is used to protect the iCloud Keychain. iMessage synchronization only works for accounts with Two-Factor Authentication; messages are exchanged exclusively between devices enrolled into the trusted circle. The messages are securely encrypted with a key that is encrypted with devices' lock screen password.

Apple officially states they don't have access to that encryption key and cannot decrypt iMessages stored in iCloud, even for GDPR requests. According to Apple (, "your messages are encrypted on your device and can't be accessed by anyone without your device passcode". This may not be entirely true.

The iCloud synchronization mechanism is separate from and works in addition to iCloud system backups. Unlike daily iCloud backups, synchronization happens near instantly. If the device has an Internet connection, information is updated with little or no delay. This enables near real-time remote access to iMessages sent and received by the user.

In order to access iMessages, one must enroll a new device into the trusted circle. Enrolling a new device or accessing iMessages from iCloud requires experts to provide a lock screen passcode (iOS devices) or system password (macOS computers). Let's have a look at the process.

Obtaining Messages from Apple iCloud

In order to extract iMessages from iCloud, you will need Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.30 or newer. Use the following steps to access messages.


  • Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.30 or newer

  • Apple ID and password

  • Access to the second authentication factor (SIM card, or unlocked iPhone or iPad device registered on the same Apple account)

  • Passcode (iPhone/iPad) or system password (Mac) of at least one device enrolled to iMessage sync

Steps to extract iMessages from iCloud:
  1. Launch Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and select Apple > Download from iCloud > Synced Data

  2. Specify the user's Apple ID and password.

  3. Provide one-time code to pass Two-Factor Authentication.

  4. Select data to obtain from iCloud. Make sure the "Messages" box is selected.

  5. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker will sign in to the user's Apple account. Select a trusted devices to which you know the passcode or system password, and type in the passcode/password.

  6. Messages will download.

  7. After the messages are downloaded, click Finish.

  8. You can now use Elcomsoft Phone Viewer to analyze downloaded messages.

At this time, the iMessage sync is not entirely stable due to the way Apple implemented the syncing. The message synchronization mechanism is very similar to iCloud Keychain. While iMessage sync and iCloud Keychain are two separate services, disabling iCloud Keychain effectively prevents messages from syncing. In addition, while iCloud Keychain can work with or without Two-Factor Authentication, messages will only sync if 2FA is enabled.

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